Best Windows Phone Apps

Samsung galaxy note 4

The best windows phone apps people must have and Galaxy note 4 release date

Galaxy note has set a new trend in the market of mixing the features of smart phone and tablet. So, this galaxy note could perform the functions which are needed by smart phone and tablet. This offers both the functions of phone and PC. To give nice effect, it added a multi-stylus feature called S-Pen in Galaxy note. There was a huge acceptance that Galaxy note received by the people. Other companies are also trying to launch devices which are hybrid like this by following the Galaxy note technology. The aim of Samsung is to reach different consumers.


Features of Galaxy note 3: 


There are various versions released in Galaxy note such as Galaxy note in 2011, Galaxy note II was launched in 2012 and Galaxy note 3 was in 2013. Every version of galaxy note has got very big response from users. Galaxy note 3 has become so famous because of its features. It is having 5.7 inch HD display screen and 13 mega pixel rear camera and 3 X optical zoom. Recently, Galaxy note 4 is also about to be released. There are some predictions about the features and specifications of this product because company did not release anything about this officially.


Release date of Galaxy note 4:


The sales of There are a speculation that Galaxy note 4 is having an improved screen with 5.9 inch QHD display screen. Galaxy note 3 is having 3 GB. So, note 4 would have at least 4GB RAM. Galaxy note 4 might be having 20 MP rear cameras with LED flash, 5K video recording. There are many speculations about the galaxy note 4 release date so, there are talks that this model would be launched in the second half of 2014. Many people are waiting it to be released to enjoy the great features and specs.


Windows phone and its apps:


Windows phone is also one kind of smart phone which is developed by Microsoft. This is developed using windows operating system. There are many features which are similar to other smart phones. Many users are showing interest in using these phones. They are having advanced user interface and functionality. Now day’s users are interested in playing games and using apps on mobile phones.  This makes it easier for them to work. For providing these benefits windows phone is also launching many apps which are useful for the users. Some of the best windows phone apps which give more convenience and entertainment to people are Netflix, Face book, Whats app messenger, Yahoo messenger, Skype, Flip board, Wall papers, weather show,  Google hang outs, Adobe reader, Adobe Photo shop, Angry bird game, You Tube app and many more. Users can download their favorite app through windows store and install into their device easily.

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